Permanent camper

At Gyvelborg we have 5 camping areas for permanent campers.

You may choose between different seasons, spring season, high season, winter season or all year. Once you have paid for one (or more) season(s), you are welcome as often as you like.

There is plenty to do and experience on the farm, you can follow the everyday life or go shopping in the farm shop. The permanent spaces are situated at the foot of “Gyvelbakken”, here you’ll find it quiet and calm and you can relax close to nature.

Does this sound good? Then please get in touch with Jellemien, so she can make your arrangements.

Rates apply to a caravan with 2 persons. For a family or grandparents who want to take their grandchildren, one can buy a season ticket per child for 27 EUR.
We will charge you for a maximum of 2 children, more children are included in the price.

Not included in the price are the power-connection 55 EUR and power-consumption 0,58 EUR pr/kWh.

Spring season

April 1st – July 1st
397 EUR

High season

July 1st – October 1st
671 EUR

Winter season

Oktober 1st – March 31st
329 EUR

Whole year

1178 EUR


Season 27 EUR