Organic farm shop with quality products

As an extra service for our customers, we’ve opened a farmshop. We sell all organic and sustainable, quality products, from our own production and local producers.
We sell our quality meet of our own Jersey cows, delicious cheese, Jersey-ice cream and many other products, which are suitable for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Drop by our store and get inspiration for a delicious dinner and see the great variety of good products.

Our farm shop, always worth a visit

Do you want to pamper yourself, you can order a securely packed product package that you can take home. We’ll gladly prepare it before you leave.
If you need large quantities of meat, eg. for a wedding, party or other event, you can pre-order the larger parties.
Sign up for our newsletter on the site and we will inform you when we slaughter.
Organic also means to offer seasonable products, therefore our product range changes during the year. In the summer we have fresh vegetables on the shelves. In autumn you can find homemade juice and jam, if time permits.

Feel free to contact Jellemien anytime.