Holiday in harmony with nature

At Gyvelborg, we work with and for nature. We try to run the farm gently and in every day pact with nature.
Already back in 2005, we made a nature plan where we as farmers take flora and fauna into account. We established banks along streams and preserve space for insects and wildlife. The lake and marsh area are home to protected bullfrogs, and meadow areas are used only for grazing.

Streams remain untouched and natural meanders are created, benefiting stream life.
The water is clean and the lake has many newts. Our nature efforts have attracted more birds and animals, including woodpeckers, squirrels, owls and kingfishers. Natural stripes with summer flowers along the fields provide good habitat for insects and butterflies, while the garden waste remains in the garden as brush fences and piles of leaves, to the delight and benefit of small and large animals.

We cultivate the fields and the farm 100% organically, and we practice crop rotation with clover grass, which binds nutrients. Leaning fences divide the fields and stimulate insect life, and ensure that deer and other game feel protected. Leaning fences also prevent our humus soil from blowing away.

We use the heat from the milk to heat the farmhouse, and we have implemented measures such as heat recovery, geothermal heating and forest planting. We reduce the replacement rate of our animals and use dung and manure for biogas production.

Biodiversity is promoted through barriers along streams, brush fences and planting forests. We use no pesticides or artificial fertilizers and reduces acidification of the soil and energy consumption. Leaning fences and protected forest create natural habitats for all the crawling animals.

Animal welfare is paramount, and we make a virtue of our animals’ well-being. A collaboration with Thise Dairy means that each cow has at least 6.2 square metres, and the cows are only fed with Danish-produced feed.

At Gyvelborg, we also make a social difference by offering job training and support to those who have difficulty entering the labor market. After a period at Gyvelborg, many feel more robust and ready to live life with steady work.

Gyvelborg Ecocamping is more than a holiday destination; it is an opportunity to explore and embrace a lifestyle in close interaction with nature. Find peace and new energy under the open sky and be inspired by the sounds of the surrounding wildlife.