At Gyvelborgs farmshop we sell our organic meat from our own cattle.
The meat is fantastic – both in structure, tenderness and flavour.

Recipe for our 100% organic Jersey meat :

  • Calves get milk for 3 months
  • Feed / calf mixture until they are 6 months
  • From 6 month till 18/24 month they get grass and herbs
  • Fresh air all year round
  • A lot of love, pets and cuddles

Advantages of 100% organic Jersey meat:

  • The meat has a larger amount of omega 3 and carotene
  • Nice fat marbling, which gives a good taste and tenderness
  • Shorter cooking time

At the farmshop we always have meat in our storage freezer. Nice steaks, sausages, minced meat, simmer meat and roasts.
You can also pre-order larger portions. Sign up for our newsletter, so you will be notified when we slaughter or have good deals.

Jersey ribeye  surdejsbrød

uldum mølle  æbler

The farmshop offers:

  • Our own meet in a variety of cuts
  • Our own salamis and sausages
  • “HC” organic eggs
  • “Brød & Cos” sourdough bread
  • “Engmarks” Jersey ice-cream
  • Danish wine from “Modavi”
  • Honey from “Leif Thykær” (his bees have collected nectar on our fields)
  • Salt from “Hærvejssalt”
  • Marmelade from “Dansk blåbær”
  • Flour from “Uldummølle”, a large variety
  • Coffee and tea from “Nørre Snede Kafferisteri”
  • Chocolates from “Chokoladefabrikken”
  • Aronia shot from “Elkærholm”
  • Beer from “Humlepraxis”
  • Softdrinks from “Ørbækbryggeri”
  • Cheeses and butter from “Thise”
  • Home knitted socks from Gitte
  • Glass art from Ruth Sandkvist
  • Postcards from Gyvelborg

In the summer we have fresh vegetables on the shelves. When time permits, Jellemien makes her own juice and jam.