The joys of country life: Take part in country life with play and learning for all ages. From following the animals’ daily routines to participating in farm activities – there is something for everyone here.

Feel what wellness does to you

There is nothing like cuddling with a little calf or to embrace an entire cow. The animals warm and soft fur tells without words, why it is so important we give them a good life.

As a guest on Gyvelborgs visitingfarm, you’ll be a part of the everyday life, that is lived on an organic farm. You can help to pick up the cows from the fields, help to feed them, see how they are milked and how the milk is collected by “Thise” dairy.

We would like to share the joy of nature and the animals, with as many as possible.
In particular, we live to see the kids light up and rejoice in animal presence. To give them a farm-life experience – gives us energy.

Visitingfarm for all

We understand children with special needs, our own daughter, Alise, is handicapped and confined to a wheelchair. She is part of the institution “Kilden Bifrost”. Therefore most places at Gyvelborg visitingfarm, are accessible by wheelchair.

When you visit us, we do our outmost to give everybody a special experience. We start by providing everyone with a blue overall, a cap and the traditional red dutch scarf. That way, we all look alike and your own clothes stay clean.

We’ll gladly put together an individual program – eg. field hiking, berry picking, barbecue arrangement, coffee & cake, ice cream-eating or pancake baking etc.
The price depends on the composition of the event.