Cuddle the cows, calves, cats, bunnies, guinea-pigs and our dog Nanni.

Here are all the animals you can meet at Gyvelborg:

Nora is our shepperd dog, she takes good care of us, most of the time she is at the farm.

She does not like small children. Don’t let your kids pet her.

Bunnies and guinea pig

Bunnymom has a big, bushy fur, which she like to get groomed. She loves dandelions and be cuddled behind the ears. The guinea-pigs love to be held and get petted, they do this cute squeaky sound when they’re happy.

The cats

Our cats are always around on the farm catching mice. Some of them likes to be cuddled with and others are a bit shy. We have neutered the cats. Unfortunately we do not have kittens.

Every evening and morning the cats will get their dinner and you can see them all.


When they’re just born, the stay with their mother for two days, then they get to the calf nursery. Here, Willem teaches them to drink and eat out of a bowl. Once they master that, they are ready to move onto the Kindergarten where four calves go together in a straw strewn hut. They enjoy themselves often in the straw and sometimes they jump around and fooling. They love children and suck on their fingers.


Jersey cows are very curious and they love to be petted. And they love glover, grass and herbs, which they use to make their delicious milk

We have 160 Jersey cows. A lot of them are very tamme and likes to be pet. Although be aware of their big head, they can easily knock you over.

Animal welfare – a good place to grow up

Welcome to Gyvelborg – a place where animal welfare is the heart of our “Earth to Table” experience!
Every day we work to create an environment where our animals thrive and have good opportunities to exercise their natural behavior.

Our free-range operation gives the cows the freedom to move freely, and all the animals get the opportunity to enjoy life under the open sky. With organic farming and only Danish feed, we ensure that our animals get the best nutrition and experience a good life. We have entered into an agreement with Coop and Thise Dairy, which ensures at least 6.2 square meters of space per ko – because space means well-being.

At Gyvelborg there are more than just adult cows; there is a whole “animal town” with maternity ward nursing room, crèche, kindergarten. We also have two different barns which allow us to give our cows the best opportunities to thrive and achieve longevity. We believe it’s a good place to grow up, even for our four-legged friends.

Take part in our tours and get the opportunity to hug a cow. Meet those who deliver the fresh milk in your glass and experience what real cow’s milk tastes like.

Gyvelborg is not just a farm; it is a living story about animal welfare, sustainability and a unique “Earth to Table” experience. Visit us and become part of our passion for a happier and healthier world – straight from our farm to your table!

Insect hotel

Consists of i.a. beetles and bench bites. The hotel is decorated with holes and pretzel hooks, so the insects can have fun and take a well-deserved holiday at Gyvelborg. Each cottage has an insect hotel. We have a collection fence of branches, garden waste, which is well visited by hedgehogs, mice and small beetles, all of which are of great benefit to a healthy nature. For the slightly more comfortable hedgehogs, we have made small houses to give them a good and dry hiding place in the winter.


We have many nest boxes set up. The starch is much needed by the organic farmer, they catch many stalk bone larvae. Stem bone larvae eat the roots of grass and grain, and can ruin a whole year’s yield. We also have a number of other bird boxes, so we have lots of small birds and they are fed diligently in the winter.

Nature trail

Every spring we sow flowers in a natural strip to promote insects and give the birds, bees, butterflies a good habitat. In winter, birds and deer eat seeds and plants. In other words, the surroundings offer a really family-friendly farm holiday for young and old.

In the evening, when daylight has disappeared, many bats emerge. Sit on the bench by the lake, you will see them circling over the water to catch the insects that live there.

Bird boxes
Along the nature trail and throughout the register, we have hung bird nest boxes in various sizes. We have created breeding opportunities for songbirds, starlings and many other species. However, the owl has found a place in Gyvelborg, which you can hear at night. The fishing heron visits our lake every day, which is full of goldfish and carp. The kingfisher is our daily guest, feeding at the lake, we hear it, but the bird is very shy, so we rarely see it.