Cuddle the cows, calves, cats, bunnies, guinea-pigs and our dog Nanni.
Here are all the animals you can meet at Gyvelborg:

NoraNora is friendly for children


Nora is our Shepperd dog, she is a very loving and playfull dog, and she loves children.



Bunnymom has a big, bushy fur, which she like to get groomed. She loves dandelions and be cuddled behind the ears.



The guinea-pigs love to be held and get petted, they do this cute squeaky sound when they’re happy.



Emil is a big naughty cat, you can catch him sleeping on the tents, visiting guests in the tent and he looooooves to be petted.


Sara and other cats

The cat herd consists , Sara and Cobyspoes, they are always around in the yard and catch mice.



The kittens at Gyvelborg always get special treatment, they are allowed to stay inside while they are small and they even have a bunk bed (it is Coby ‘s, the oldest daughter on the farm, old doll bed).



When they’re just born, the stay with their mother for two days, then they get to the calf nursery. Here, Willem teaches them to drink and eat out of a bowl. Once they master that, they are ready to move onto the Kindergarten where four calves go together in a straw strewn hut. They enjoy themselves often in the straw and sometimes they jump around and fooling. They love children and suck on their fingers.



Jersey cows are very curious and they love to be petted. And they love glover, grass and herbs, which they use to make their delicious milk

Insect hotel

Consists of beetles and woodlice. The hotel is decorated with holes and nooks, so the insects can socialize and take a well deserved vacation at Gyvelborg.We have pick up fences of branches and garden waste, which is visited by hedgehogs, mice and small beetles, all of which are of great benefit to a healthy nature.
For the slightly more convenient hedgehogs we have made small houses, to give them a good, dry hideaway for the winter.


We have nest boxes set up. Starlings are the organic farmers best friend, they catch many leather jackets larvae. Stankelben eat the roots of grass and grain and can destroy a whole year’s yield. We also have a number of other bird boxes, so we have plenty of birdlife and they are fed frequently in the winter.

Nature trail

Nature trail

Every spring we wound flowers on a nature trail to encourage insects and give the birds, bees and butterflies a good habitat. In winter birds and deers eat of the seeds and plants.