A memorable schoolvisit

Schools from 0. to 10. grade are more than welcome to visit Gyvelborg.
We’ll give the children a memorable experience and an insight into farming.

Younger children

– Hear and see where milk comes from
– See and experience the animals up close
– Pet them, feel their warm skin
– See and feel different kinds of feed
– Taste the products from the farm
– Information on ecology

Older children

Here, we like to dig a little deeper and discuss and illustrate relevant themes
– Ecology-environment-climate change
– The utilisation of land resources
– Dealing with nature
– Where do the raw materials come from?
– Health and welfare
– Why do we choose Jersey cows?
– Why are we open to tourism?

As a teacher, you also get the opportunity to teach at the farm in different class subjects like:
– Danish Agriculture
– Country Animals
– Crops
– Tractors and machinery

An educational morning or afternoon. Your lunches can be eaten in the barn, in the summer in the main tent or outside when the weather permits. It is possible to buy ice cream at the farm shop.
Thise sponsor tastings.
The visit can be extended with – eg. field hiking, berry picking, barbecue arrangement, coffee & cake, ice cream-eating or pancake baking etc.
The price depends on the composition of the event.

Price for schoolvisit

172 EUR for half a day (from 10am – 12pm or from 1pm – 3pm)