Jan Asmussen from Madværket, working as chef at Hotel Munkebjerg and Chris Bo Lauritsen, headchef at Sandvad Kro, have developed some recipes, especially for the use of Jersey meet.
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Would you like to pamper your family with a piece of quality meet? Try Jersey meet.
Jersey meet from Gyvelborg is a 100% organic and lives up to the sustainable demands in every way. The cattle is slaughtered in a responsible manner, thereby we grant the best taste.

Gourmet chefs in all the land know and appreciate the Jersey meets quality, at Gyvelborg we’d like to reach out to the main consumer and let them experience the good taste and tenderness of the meet.

Jersey meet has a shorter muscular structure and the marbling is fine distribution through the meat. Which gives a good and juicy taste. The fat percentage of the Jersey meat is between 5 and 10% and has a healthy fatty acid composition.

Please note, that due to the shorter muscular structure the cooking time is shorter.

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