About us

Jellemien and Willem are your hosts

We moved to Denmark from the Netherlands back in 1992 and we put our heart and soul into servicing our guests at Gyvelborg.

About Jellemien

I feel like being a mother to our guests. I always do my best to give them an experience they’ll remember for a long time – that is why, many of our guests revisit us. I get my energy from seeing those children and happy people, knowing that their vacation with us, did them well.

About Willem

I feel proud to be an organic farmer, when I see that the animals strive and our customers tell us what a fantastic experience it is to eat our products. This kind of happy customers, give me the inspiration and energy to keep up the good work.
Our first priority is presence, family atmosphere, kindness, great hospitality and a big space in our hearts for our guests.

Our camping concept

It all started with one caravan, that we used for our family and friends, when they visited us from the Netherlands. They always enjoyed the nature and their time with us. We quickly agreed, that we would like to offer this experience to a lot more people.

Back in 1996 we got the permission to start our campsite. In 2003 we had build the first luxury cabin and since then, two more. We constantly develop on our concept, so we are able to give our guests a memorable experience. We are always open for suggestions and good ideas.

At Gyvelborg, you’ll find lots of ways to experience the real life on an organic farm. Our concept, with the campsite so close to the farm, gives our guests the opportunity to be really close to our everyday living and experience how the animals strive.
Everyone is welcome to join us when we bring the cows in from the fields, feed them, milk them and when “Thise” dairy picks up the milk.