Gyvelborg visitingfarm and camping

Feel natures pulse

Gyvelborg is a lovely organic farm with Jersey cattle, located in the middle of Jutland. You are close to the “Hærvejen” and only 30 minute drive from Silkeborg or Legoland.

Here, we and our guests, live in harmony with the stunning scenery, our Jersey cattle, calves, bunnies, guinea-pigs, cats and our dog, Nora.

Experience the unique atmosphere when visiting our organic farm and farmshop.

And stay as long as you like, you can stay at our campsite, in one of our luxury cabins or in our rental apartment.

Feel the wellness in you and the animals

There is nothing like hugging a small calf or to embrace an entire cow. The animals warm, soft fur tells without words, why it is so important we give them a good life.

As a guest at Gyvelborg, you are part of the everyday life that is lived on an organic farm. You can help to pick up the cows from the field, help to feed them, see how they are milked and how the milk is collected by “Thise” dairy.

We value presence, family atmosphere, kindness, hospitality and space

Download our brochure for more information.

gyvelborg brochure